About Our Executive Head

A corporate enthusiast in the field of education contributes his achievements to the turning point of his life: the knowhow to knowledge gathering and learning process. A struggling student converts genius when he discovered the art of learning is how he connects it and aligns it to use it. An individual, guided by his nature of exploring became resourceful by adding creativity and value to the knowledge gained. He has a hobby to travel and learn from different environments and has strength in integrating those opportunities to other fields. A 2014 passed Masters Student from the VIT University, Vellore, joined as an Associate Software Engineer further as a Senior Software Engineer in Testing Software at Accenture had zeal towards associating with education which is always more dynamic. His passion to learn and share formulated the idea of conceptualizing O-Osmose with a VISION:

"To gain and impart experience and learning with an adaption of creativity, change and improvising process to benefit a larger section of the society for better sustainability.

Content Designer for OOSMOS, has an expertise to develop the skills of facilitators in the field of education. He has been helping out different student groups at different levels and has hosted a number of events for facilitators and students across the globe. The most unique thing that this presenter beholds with him is the fresh knowledge he has to offer with each session and the unique connection he establishes between the attendees as he can become there's at any level.

Recently conducted workshop for facilitators of DAV cluster, Jharkhand.

Akshay's workshop on Vertical Concept Progression at Nagaland for students and teachers


M.S Software Engineering

Content Designer, O-Osmose

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