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GREEN INITIATIVES: To support schools on "The Green Schools Programme (GSP)", Centre for Science and Environment, in fostering environmental literacy. GSP has been built on the twin objectives of "Learning by doing" and "making change work" to help schools audit the consumption of natural resources within their premises, and assess themselves as environment managers.

O-Osmose would closely coordinate & support the initiatives of the school to see the Score (Percentage) is above 70% , that is the Green Rating in the GSP Audit and moving up the rank to become the # 1 Green School in India!

Quality Assurance through World-Class Assessment:

Objective: To enhance School effectiveness; Continual Improvement

Cycle to be followed: Planning, Conduct, Reporting, Follow-up

  • Assessment Area
  • Teaching - Learning Process
  • Student Engagement & Development
  • Student Assessment
  • Co-curricular subjects and Activities
  • Performance Measurement for Facilitators, Staff & School
  • Human Resource Management
  • Parent & Community Participation
  • Administration
  • Learning Environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Facilities
  • Safety and Health Measures
  • Material Resource Provision

Photography Module

  • 1. Different type of Cams
  • 2. Modes Present in a camera
  • 3. Different features and uses of each camera
  • 4. Shutter speed and Aperture speed use and adjustments
  • 5. How to take a perfect snap - hands on with different cameras provided
  • 6. Identifying defects and rectifying while editing - Practical examples and demonstrations in groups
  • 7. Photographs on a different scale
  • 8. Light Photography /Light Painting) - How to capture effects of lights and different patterns with the help of the bulb mode in a DSLR camera which will be completely hands on.
  • 9. Conclusion


Will see the drivers in place - Path to Success pattern

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Fest Desire

Create Change Co-create...

Will facilitate schools in organising the Fest Desire. It aims at creating the catalytic connect: the intellectual, emotional and behavioral aspects within a group.

Fest Desire is a movement to fundamentally alter the future of family relationship and education in a globalized scenario. It is a humble step towards Human Capital Development and Learning Togetherness.

Call it the biggest challenge or call it the number one problem - finding time for the family and value additions from various states and nations.

It tries to change the statusquo and co-create creative, vibrant and open cooperative behavior that enhances and unfolds the spirit of innovation, leadership and team spirit in the day- to- day life context. Co-create better family bonding and assets for society and the world at large.

It would plan to accommodate 20 schools from the ciity, 20 schools outside the city and 10 schools from outside India. This will provide a forum to share the uniqueness of the participating states and countries. The fest desire will give a platform for exchange of ideas and innovations from local to National and International levels.

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